future food is here

Welcome to Local Grow Farms. We are dedicated to using advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) to grow fresh, pesticide free food in vertical farms, shipping container farms, greenhouses, and small scale countertop and rack systems for restaurants, health clubs, and private residences.

For 2022 and beyond, we see opportunities to also support K-12 Schools with on-site shipping container farms on in-cafeteria rack systems to supplement school lunch “salad mix” with fresh and affordable leafy greens that reduce the operating cost of schools and help students stay healthier.

We also see opportunities to provide solutions in American Food Deserts to help families in underserved communities get lower cost and fresher vegetables. We envision next-generation grocery stores that include on-site leafy green farming and aquaponics to reduce the distance from farm to table and lower the cost of food through the process.