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Welcome to Local Grow Farms. We are dedicated to advancing next generation indoor agriculture. For 2021, we are pleased to engage with Rejoice Foods to help support their mission.

Rejoice Foods is developing multi-function grocery stores for “food dessert” neighborhoods. Each state-of-the-art facility will:

  • Run on near net zero emissions, through energy efficiency and solar power
  • Grow vegetables on site through advanced vertical farming, which provides fresh and pesticide free leafy greens and microgreens to residents, while also reducing transportation costs.
  • Provide job training for next generation “agro-tech” staff and entrepreneurs to support the Water, Energy, and Food security nexus.
  • Include health and dietary education classes for community residents to encourage best practices and promote overall wellness.

The growing roster of strategic partner companies includes: http://www.theagrariangroup.com/

Communications and Awareness:

In addition to our indoor farms our film project will help engage student farmers across America and also increase awareness about the advantages of microgreens. CLICK HERE or on the graphic below to see the 4 minute highlight video on our advanced indoor farming:

Our Microgreen Club: If you are interested in adding fresh and affordable microgreens to your salads, soups and sandwiches each month, then we hope to exceed your expectations. If you are currently farming microgreens or want to start supplying them as a member of our growing Farm Partner network, then we look forward to learning more about how we might work together. Please see the content in the About Us and other sections of this website and Contact Us with any questions or requests for more information.