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Interested in our Microgreen Club?

We start with a local focus, and “local” is the first word in LOCAL GROW FARMS. Please let us know the preferred city, town, or mailing address where you would like to receive microgreens. We need to cross check your location with our existing Farm Partners and let you know the proximity. This is a key aspect of our Microgreen Club protocol to provide vegetables that are as local and as fresh as possible. We have options for overnight air shipping, but that is naturally less preferred than nearby ground transportation.

Interested in becoming a Farm Partner:

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of our LOCAL GROW FARMS network and selling your microgreens to our Microgreen Club members, please let us know:

#1: Your location

#2: Your current lbs / month of microgreen production

#3: Your potential full capacity lbs / month at your current facility

Interested in optimizing your operation with LED grow lights:

If you would like to test the grow lights from our strategic manufacturing partner, Independence LED Lighting, just let us know.

Interested in sharing your insights with our members:

If you would like us to invite our members to review your “green” blog or online information, please let us know. We will review your content for inclusion in our Resources.


If you would like to learn more about opening a grow operation in your area, please just let us know your location so that we can assess the opportunity relative to our current Farm Partners.

COVID-19: We are open for business and working remotely and on-site where approriate.

We hope that you, your families, and your colleagues are staying safe and healthy during this unprecedented pandemic. The private sector is stepping up to help. We support the vision of the Purge Virus KN95 Mask initiative that will help play a role in successfully reopening America. Certified masks can help reduce the spread and the risk of a COVID-19 resurgence. Mayors and Governors as well as CEOs need to get ahead of the timeline and plan for the spring and summer as soon as possible. The cost of bringing the recent FDA approved KN95 masks from China by air freight is far higher than by cargo ship. 40 foot shipping containers can each hold about 460,000 KN95 masks or about 1.8 million surgical masks, which are thinner and typically 3 ply vs 6 ply. Regardless of the mask type, the challenge is time, since the overseas journey is about four weeks. We were late in America to start social distancing, and we should avoid being late to have masks at hand to reopen America with a phased and safe approach.