Indoor Farmers

Here are some examples of indoor farmers that are using Independence LED’s  grow lights for all or a portion of their agriculture illumination needs. Independence LED Lighting is our strategic manufacturing partner, and in many cases farmers have tested the Independence LED lights against other traditional luminaires and LED grow lights with very positive results. Please Contact Us if you would like to learn more and test sample Independence LED grow lights.


Envista Farms

Mully Grubb Farms

e3 garden

Taproot Kitchen

Sweet Peas Urban Gardens

GREEN Resources

If you want to learn about sustainability as it relates to food and other aspects of your life, we have a strategic partnership with GREENandSAVE. Since 2017, they have been providing thousands of pages of content, which has earned them Trusted Feed Partner status with Google News. For any of you that would like to share some of your content each month, here is the link to become a Contributing Writer.

You may welcome the information from some of these bloggers, online content providers, and advocates of fresh vegetables and sustainable living.

Vegan Strong: Let’s cut to the chase: Vegans are modern day gladiators, strong enough to tackle any challenge that comes their way, just like Leilani herself. Our VEGAN POWER race experience for the fans has been a dream of hers since 2011 (when she switched from being vegetarian to vegan). While receiving the Vegan Athlete of the Year Award at the Animal Rights 2016 National Conference, she restated her dream to a packed audience of vegan/animal advocates. (Note: In 2010, GREENandSAVE sponsored Leilani in her first race on the high banks of Dayton International Speedway.)

As social media starts to become a large aspect of our daily lives, one of the challenges is naturally avoiding information overload. To help you find relevant content, here are just a few examples of some online contributors that may peak your interest. Just click on any of the images to go their respective pages.

Emilie Hebert
Owner | Emilie Eats L.L.C.